5 Reasons to Remodel Your Stairs with Golden Heights Remodeling INC

Golden Heights Remodeling INC

5 Reasons to Remodel Your Stairs with Golden Heights Remodeling INC

Your stairs are an important part of your home. Not only do they provide access from one level to the next, but they can also be a beautiful focal point of your interior design. If your stairs are outdated or in need of repair, it may be time to remodel them with Golden Heights Remodeling INC. Here are five reasons why you should consider doing so: 

Increased functionality

When you think of remodeling, you probably have visions of a big project that requires removing walls and tearing out old foundations. It’s good to know that there are small-scale projects that can improve your home without changing its footprint. There are plenty of ways to make your house better without a major construction project. One of the best: remodeling your stairs with Golden Heights Remodeling INC

A good stair remodel includes stripping away the old carpeting and covering it with something new. The new covering can be wood, tile, or even glass depending on your budget and taste. Glass may look cheap at first but it’s very durable and doesn’t require any maintenance at all. Tile is a great choice because it’s very affordable, available in multiple colors and textures, and is also easy to clean. Wood is another option, which gives a warm feeling to your home but should be done by a skilled craftsman so you don’t risk having an injury on the staircase while going up or down.

Improved aesthetics

The staircases in our homes can often be overlooked as something that is merely functional and is not to be taken into consideration when decorating the rest of the house. However, a well-done staircase remodel can completely transform the look of your home, making it more stylish and elegant.

A well-designed staircase will allow for easy access to all parts of your home, making it a great addition to help you move around without having to worry about getting stuck or having to squeeze through narrow spaces.

Remodeling your stairs can give you more space in your rooms and make them seem larger, which is great since it may be one of the few things that you actually can change about your home (depending on how much you own). Aesthetically, this is also a great way to make your home seem bigger; an open staircase can serve as an art piece for the walls surrounding it, drawing attention away from the lack of space by messing with your perception of depth.

Increased resale value

When you’re ready to sell your home, a quality stair remodel can add significantly to the resale value of your home, so it’s definitely worth considering if you’re thinking about selling in the future. When it comes to home improvement, transforming your stairs is a relatively low-cost way to make a big impact on the look of your house. The main thing people notice when they walk into a home for the first time is the staircase, so it makes sense that you’d want your stairs to look their best. Updating your staircase with wood or tile flooring, replacing handrails, or painting it a bold color will draw attention to a space that can often be overlooked. Even minor changes can make all the difference in a home that’s ready to go on the market. 

Enhanced comfort

Staircases are the main thoroughfares through your home, yet they are among the most overlooked of your home’s features. A badly designed staircase can be a dangerous hindrance in an otherwise comfortable house, while a properly designed one, with smooth curves and wide landings, can make it a delight to move through. Properly designed stairs can be much more comfortable to use than old, outdated ones. This is especially important if you have young children or elderly relatives living with you. 

Added convenience

While a staircase adds architectural interest to your home, it can also add convenience—which is why many homeowners choose to remodel their stairs when they update their homes. If you’re planning on remodeling your house, you might have considered a new set of stairs. There are many reasons why investing in the improvement of your staircase can be a smart choice. 

Some people choose to replace their old stairs with a new, safer version. Others find that installing a stair lift will help them get up and down the stairs safely and easily. And some homeowners decide to add storage space under their new staircase for an extra closet or two. Whatever you decide, there are plenty of features you can choose from to make your new staircase convenient as well as attractive.

If you’re in the market for a remodeling project, consider updating your stairs. A well-done stair remodel can increase your home’s functionality, aesthetics, resale value, comfort and convenience. To get started on your own stair remodel, contact Golden Heights Remodeling INC today! We would be happy to help turn your vision into reality.

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