Armour Garage Doors & Gates is proud to announce a new addition to their garage door services, Garage Door Tune Ups. We have been providing a wide range of high-quality garage door services in Los Angeles for years now and we’ve always prided ourselves on our commitment to ensuring that your garage door and gate are operating smoothly, safely, and efficiently.

And that includes garage door tune-ups. Now, what is a garage door tune-up? A garage door tune-up is always necessary as it is a routine inspection whether your garage door needs a little bit of maintenance or repairs. While you can certainly do some maintenance on your own, such as lubricating rollers, there are other factors that are best left to the professionals.

Our new Garage Door Tune-Up service is designed to help you get the most out of your existing garage door or gate system by ensuring that it’s operating at peak performance levels. We’ll inspect every aspect of your system—from rollers and tracks to hinges, springs, cables, and more—and provide recommendations on how best to maintain it over time so that your investment lasts longer than ever before!

Why Do I Need A Garage Door Tune-up?

As we have stated above, a garage door tune-up service will keep your garage door in top shape. Keeping it running smoothly and efficiently without the risk of failure. This preventive maintenance ensures that any issues that are present and hidden malfunctioning parts will be resolved before they get worse. While you can say that maintenance is not required when you can just buy parts from retailers for replacement, tune-ups are less expensive and will provide the same result. 

It will also prolong the lifespan of the parts and the garage door, ensuring that you won’t have to worry when you’ll need to buy a new one again. Your garage door is an investment. Keeping your property safe as well as protecting you from outside elements. It’s best to keep it in top shape.

How To Tell If I Need a Garage Door Tune Up?

There are plenty of telltale signs that let you know if you need a garage door tune-up service. Here are some of them: 

  • If your door does not open smoothly or is having trouble closing. Once you see that it jerks, stops, or shudders, a garage door tune-up is necessary.
  • When you notice that the parts of your garage doors break or bend such as the tracks, you’ll need a professional to inspect the situation. This is due to years of usage or environmental factors. The professional will evaluate all these factors before giving you a quote for maintenance or repairs.
  • When a garage door operates it usually has a sound that it makes. But if you aren’t actively listening to it, it’ll disappear. However, if you can hear grinding or scraping, it’s best to let a professional inspect the problem. It may be the tracks, rollers, or your garage door may be installed incorrectly.

Garage Door Springs

How Often Is A Garage Door Tune Up?

Now that you know the most common signs when you need this service, you should know that it’s best to catch the potential issues early on rather than later to avoid any costly repairs or replacements. A garage door tune-up depends on how often you use your garage doors. If you have a business and shipments are coming in and out daily, then it’s best to let a professional inspect your garage doors every six months. For residential garage doors, once every year.

Choose Armour Garage Doors & Gates For All Your Garage Door Tune-Up Needs! 

All in all, performing regular maintenance and tune-ups on a garage door is essential for ensuring it operates safely, smoothly, and efficiently. From tightening loose hardware to assessing the door’s balance and assessing the opener’s force setting to lubricating moving parts, there are many veritable steps that can be taken. If you’re looking for reliable services for regular maintenance of garage doors and gates for both commercial and residential properties, then look no further than Armour Garage Doors & Gates

We are committed to providing quality services to our customers, with safety being our prime focus at all times. So don’t wait any longer! When it comes time to perform routine maintenance on your garage door trust Armour Garage Door & Gates; we guarantee superior-quality results every time. Choose Armour Garage Doors & Gates For All Your Garage Door Tune-Up Needs!

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