January 18, 2023, San Diego, CABetter Place Remodeling, transforming your outdoor living space into your own mini paradise with our outdoor home renovation services! Our professional fire pit builders create beautiful, customized fireplaces and fire pits making a warm and inviting atmosphere for you and your family.

When you have children, a fireplace isn’t just a fireplace—it’s a place where you can tell them stories when they’re tucked in and cozy for the night, or where you can sit with your partner and watch the flames dance and crackle as you drink tea and talk about what’s been going on with your day. Fire pits are beautiful, inviting additions to any outdoor space with room for it—and Better Place Remodeling has the experience and expertise to make sure that your outdoor living area is as functional and beautiful as possible.

Whether you want custom firepits or you simply need some concrete work done to create a space for your new fire pit, our professional fire pit builders will work hard to create something that’s right for your needs and budget. We believe in creating spaces that are uniquely yours, and we’ll work with you every step of the way to make what could be your oasis into an actuality.

What Can a Fire Place or Fire Pit Do for You?

Aside from boosting your property value, our professional fire pit builders will make sure that you thoroughly enjoy our customized fire pits and fireplaces.

We use the highest-quality materials in building these additions to your home because we want you to have a safe, long-lasting feature that you can enjoy for years.

With this fine addition to your home, it’ll transform your outdoor living space from a bland yard to a comfortable cozy environment where you, your family, and your friends can lay back and hear the crackling sound of firewood. Say goodbye to indoor movie nights! You set up a projector or TV outside while you and your loved ones keep warm beside our customized fire pits. What’s not to love about smelling the fresh air and feeling the wind against your skin as you watch your favorite movie while outside?

Not only does this add-on transform your backyard into an enjoyable place for you, but it also saves money rather than buying one from Amazon that will be broken in a year or two. We only use high-quality materials to construct these additions to your outdoor living space.

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Trust Our Testimonials!

It is true that you should check the credentials of a contractor before hiring them. You need to know how long they have been in the business, what their qualifications are, and whether or not there is any experience behind them that you can trust. Of course, a company with no testimonials can’t show you any of this.

But that’s why we’re here! As you browse our site, you will see testimonials from customers who have hired us previously. They’ll tell you about the satisfaction they’ve received by trusting us to do all their renovation needs. Here are some examples of our past works of ours:

Front and Back Yard Remodeling Project 

We began the project by focusing on the front yard which is the face of the home and the first thing anyone approaching the home would first see. We were aiming for a clean look which included installing new turf on the lawn and building a porch near the front entrance with lovely lamps to light up the front of the house at night. We then moved on to the backyard where the plan was to replace all the grass with beautiful turf. We made sure to leave out a nice section for the dining area including a fully stocked BBQ area. Finally, we added a fire pit to complete the look.

Complete Renovation with a Firepit and BBQ

The first step was to clear out the backyard and prepare the ground for the new and more modern-looking artificial turf which we surrounded with a rock and cactus garden. Next, we laid out pavers to create an aesthetically pleasing separation between the turf and the fire pit. Finally, we completed the new backyard by adding a custom fully stocked BBQ pit complete with a grill and gas burners. Philips was overjoyed with the final result.

At Better Place Remodeling, we pride ourselves on taking the time to learn about the needs of our clients so that we can deliver exactly what they want. We’ve been serving San Diego and the surrounding areas since 2010, and we’re thrilled to get more business from our satisfied customers. 

See what Georlea P. has to say about working with us! … “Better Place Remodeling is not just another company, they’re the ones you go to if you have any type of remodeling work that needs to be done in your yard. We’ve been very pleased with the outcome.” … And hear what Adrian A. has to say about our work on his home. … “We reached out to Better Place Remodeling recently when we were looking to renovate our front yard. After a few discussions, they quickly put together a design for the layout of our new front yard.” … You can see more of what our clients have to say on our website here.

Choose Our Professional Fire Pit Builders For Your Next Outdoor Space Addition

From coming up with the initial design to lighting up your outdoor area, Better Place Remodeling offers it all! Our team of professional fire pit builders can craft an addition to your outdoor space that is sure to give you and your family fantastic moments together for years to come. 

We provide all the materials needed, regardless of size and complexity demands, so all you need is to give us a call – we guarantee the job will be designed and done with flawless precision. Let us turn that dream Fire Pit or Fireplace into a reality! With our many years of experience and excellent customer service, you can trust that Better Place Remodeling will meet every single one of your needs. Choose our Professional Fire Pit Builders today for your next outdoor space addition – because when success means something only the pros will do!

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