The plumbing industry has been through a lot of changes over the past decade or so; numerous new practices, techniques, and trends have been shaking things up quite a bit. For someone like David Ramos, founder and owner of Call of Dooty LLC, a local drainage repair company in Las Vegas, NV – while keeping up with the modern trends, he makes sure that he keeps the time-honored traditional aspects of the industry.  

David has built his company into something special; A local family-owned business that brings heart to every service call by treating each customer like family — someone that they will always go above and beyond for.

“We try our best to make sure we can get them fixed right away,” he says. “The worst thing is when they have this dripping faucet that just won’t stop leaking.”

That’s why it’s important for businesses like Call of Dooty LLC to have more than just an eye for detail and the necessary skills required for the job; having one’s heart in that thing that they were hired to do or help out with. As we are sure many would agree, this quality is a rare find whether you seek a plumber or an office worker; it’s all one and the same. In David’s case, since the plumbing business has been in the family for many long years by now, their heart always gets attached to every job they get, regardless how big or small. 

This is also one of the reasons why David and his team do what they can to help out and give back to the community they serve; for instance, they give discounts towards jobs done for seniors, teachers, and military veterans; because, let’s be real – regardless where your income bracket stands, everybody at some point is going to need help with their plumbing at home. So, it doesn’t come as a surprise that from time to time, there are customers who would go out of their way to share their experience with David and his team by means of leaving a recommendation or a Google review. 

No one puts fun or exciting in the same sentence as plumbing

FACT: “Plumbing guy” or “a visit from the plumbing company” – these words are almost never associated with anything fun, which isn’t entirely baffling. Who would think of sewer repair and drain inspection as fun anyway? 

While this is true – Call of Dooty LLC “a.k.a.” David and his posse is driving to change all that ~ with our crew’s time-tested and unmatched skills in plumbing works, paired with our problem-solving attitude and friendly smiles, we look forward to serving more homes and businesses in and around the Las Vegas valley. 

Call of Dooty, LLC is a Las Vegas-located, family-owned local service business who provides their customers professional drain cleaning and drain repair services which are just a couple out of all the plumbing-related services that they offer. While David has been in the plumbing business for over a decade now, Call of Dooty LLC is proud to have finally made it into their first anniversary and boast themselves as a registered and licensed local Las Vegas business. 

They know how important it is to have someone you can trust in your home when you need help with plumbing issues. David also understands how stressful it can be to deal with those issues when they arise unexpectedly or inconveniently. And so, Call of Dooty goes out of its way just to make its customers feel at ease during these situations by providing excellent customer service and workmanship while keeping prices reasonable and fair!

For Call of Dooty LLC, Customer Satisfaction Matters Most

David modeled his plumbing services company after many of the same who have been in the game for much longer. Right from the beginning, he has made it his mission to bring back honesty and integry into profession plagued by poor customer service in the past.

David doesn’t just want to help people fix their pipes, maintain their sewers, or solve their drain and leak repair problems —he wants them to feel good about doing business with him. He does his best to keep his rates low, yet keeping the quality of service high, so that even those with lower incomes may afford their service without worrying too much about burning a hole through their pockets. If a client wants an estimate for plumbing repairs but can’t afford it right now, he will give them a few dollars off – no strings attached – just so they can get started on fixing the problem immediately without the customer feeling like their hands were tied or that they had been left out to dry.

David vs the Goliaths of the Plumbing Services Industry

“I wanted to be honest and not rip people off,” says David. 

“I also wanted to bring back heart-based companies. Many old plumbing companies are getting out of the business because it’s too hard for them to compete with these big box stores that sell cheap things. They’re just about money and profit now, but I’m focused on helping people and ensuring they get good service at a fair price.”

Regardless of how many goliaths there are taking over the industry, David always brings the fight head on as a small business owner. Call of Dooty LLC focuses more on the people rather than the profit. You won’t feel like a speck of dust within a giant store’s client list in the care of David.

He brings the passion in his profession and it’s not all about the competition and the money for him. At the end of the day, his main priority is to help people in need of his professional services and form healthy professional relationships with them.

“Parts Chasers” Becoming A New Trend
with Las Vegas Plumbers (so as everywhere else…)

David says “You might have noticed a trend among plumbers in the last few years. Some of them call themselves “part chasers” and are not necessarily bad people.

They just don’t know how to fix plumbing problems.

How about David and his team at Call of Dooty? Having spent more than a decade working with the big players of the plumbing industry has given David the necessary skills, problem-solving mindset, and knowledge in everything that involves plumbing. At Call of Dooty LLC, we make honesty oura way of life. The company’s mission statement, “Helping the world be more honest and less dirty,” is reflected in every aspect of its business — from pricing to customer service.

The local Las Vegas plumbing services provider has a set of core values that they keep at heart: Honesty towards all co-workers and customers.

  • Never take shortcuts with our plumbing service.
  • Customer satisfaction comes first 100% of the time. When you call to book your appointment with Call of Dooty LLC, you can rest assured they will do their best to offer you a rate that makes sense for the service that you’ll get, at a price that your budget can afford.  David says it’s important for businesses, in general, to have a heart and do right by the community they serve, especially for small businesses like Call of Dooty LLC, who rely on repeat customers within their local community. 

David and his team are also big believers in helping people, especially those who need it the most. They’re always looking for ways to help their customers in the best possible way. 

All Business

It’s important for businesses to have a heart, says Call of Dooty owner David Ramos. He wants his company to be a good neighbor, do right by the community it serves and stands as an example for others in how it operates. “It takes all of us making our best effort on this planet,” he says.

This is what David means by having a heart: He believes that businesses should be considerate of their customers, employees, and community; that they should operate in an ethical manner at all times, and that they should work toward creating positive change in the community and thus, effecting positive change on a bigger scale – one customer at a time. 

Call of Dooty plumbing offers great customer service at fair prices.

They are a family-owned business that takes pride in their craft and continuously make sure that you are happy with their service. If they can’t do something, they will tell you immediately and not convince you to avail services you don’t need. Not to mention, they have a special discount for senior citizens! How community-driven is that?

David Ramos is helping to effect change in the plumbing industry for the better. While most companies focus on profits over service, David wants his company to be where people can come for honest work at fair prices.

He says that good business means caring about your customers and treat them with integrity; respecting their decisions and their capabilities without being over-bearing, keeping in mind that at the end of the day, heart and professional service beats chasing parts. 


Call of Dooty LLC

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