Las Vegas, NV, December 9, 2022 – When it comes to locating underground water leaks in Las Vegas, Call of Dooty is the industry leader in fast and accurate detection. With years of experience, our team of certified technicians have been trained to utilize the latest, non-invasive technology and innovative methods for leak detection.

With advanced technology that uses sound frequencies to detect hidden water leaks, Call of Dooty can pinpoint the exact source of a leak with extreme accuracy – no matter how deep or complex they may be. This non-invasive method can identify even the smallest leaks before they become bigger problems, saving you time and money in costly repairs down the line. 

We also provide services related to plumbing lines both in home and business settings as well as main line water leak detection. Our comprehensive services are tailored to best meet each customer’s individual needs, allowing us to deliver fast results at competitive prices. 

Leak Detection Process

To understand how water leaks are detected and repaired, it’s essential to know the steps of this process:

Step 1: Detecting The Leak

The first step in the leak detection process is to discover where the problem lies. To do this, we will inspect your plumbing system and find out exactly what’s causing these leaks. This can be a complex and tricky procedure, so it pays off to hire an experienced plumber.

We’ll first thoroughly check every part of your plumbing system until we find where the water is escaping from. Once we’ve identified the source, we’ll also determine how much damage has been done as a result—both inside and outside areas should be inspected to ensure thoroughness.

Step 2: Locating The Leak

After we’ve determined that there is a leak, it’s time to find where the water is coming from. There are several ways of doing this.

A leak detector can detect leaks in water, gas, and sewage pipes. These devices, which are handheld and calibrated to detect specific frequencies based on what type of pipe they’re looking for, can be programmed with different sound profiles. For example, water pipes produce different frequency sounds than gas pipes do.

Goldak Leak Detection

If you don’t have access to a specialized piece of equipment like this, use the same method with a water meter. If both meters show an increase in consumption when you turn off all your appliances except those that might be leaking, then there probably aren’t any hidden leaks inside your walls or beneath your floors. Instead, the second meter will indicate an increase because it’s detecting flow from outside sources such as neighbors’ houses or nearby apartments/condos/townhouses—not your home.

Step 3: Fixing The Leak

Once we’ve found the source of a leak, repairing it requires us to turn off any power sources that might be feeding electricity into your plumbing system, and stop the water flow. After that, you’ll need to clean the area around your pipe where the leakage occurs with a brush or cloth so we can see exactly where in your plumbing system there is an issue with leaks and other damage.

Once we have cleared out all the obstructions in your pipes and fixtures, it’s time to start making repairs. We will repair any cracks or holes with epoxy paste or PVC cement; then apply some lubricant like WD-40 onto both sides of the rubber gaskets. We perform this procedure before connecting them back into place, on both sides of fixture joints or connections—such as elbows and tees with their corresponding nuts/bolts/screws attached at each end. It will prevent future leaks by compensating for expansion due to temperature changes.

Leak detection requires a delicate process that includes gathering the right equipment and expertise, as well as knowing how to read your instruments and interpret their results.

You Can Rest Easily, Knowing That Your Plumbing System Does Not Have Any Water Leaks.

To keep your home or business safe and sound, it’s important to make sure that all of its plumbing systems are functioning properly. Most people prefer to wait until they’ve got a major problem before taking action. However, it’s much easier and less expensive in the long run to fix small issues right away rather than waiting for them to grow into something major. Besides saving money on repairs, early detection has other benefits.

Leak Detection Prevents Water Damage To Your Home Or Business

Leak detection will help you to avoid repairs, save money on your water bill, and reduce the risk of mold growth. If you’ve ever had to deal with a leaky pipe or toilet, you know how frustrating—and costly!—it can be if the problem isn’t noticed until it’s too late. Leak detection will save you money by alerting you when there is a problem that requires immediate attention.

Leak Detection Can Reduce Your Water Bills

Detecting leaks early can help you save money on your water bill by stopping the flow of water and preventing future problems.

Leak detection is one way to help people with older homes or plumbing systems find problems that are going unnoticed—even though they’re not spending as much money on water bills. Even if your home was built recently, it doesn’t mean there aren’t any hidden issues that could cause major damage down the line.

Many homes have had new pipes and fixtures installed by contractors who do not always pay attention to detail or quality while working. These are defects that can’t be seen in an initial inspection, but only reveal themselves under certain circumstances. These types of issues need specialized equipment to find them.

Don’t Wait For A Catastrophe To Happen To Get A Plumbing Inspection.

It can be difficult to find the source of a plumbing leak; it often requires professional help. Even if a problem seems minor, it’s best to have it checked out by a professional rather than risk paying more later on.

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