Home remodeling services encompass a wide range of home improvement projects and include kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, basement remodeling, home additions, and renovations. We also provide foundation repair and foundation replacement services.

Golden Heights Remodeling INC is your one-stop shop for all your home remodeling needs. We provide a wide range of services

Curb appeal upgrades

If you want to give your home an improved look, we offer curb appeal upgrades. This can include painting, cleaning, and landscaping. You will be able to see a big difference in the appearance of your home with just a few simple changes.

Curb appeal upgrades are something that can be done by professional contractors or DIYers. If you choose to hire professionals, they will be able to do everything that needs to happen with minimal disruption inside and outside of your home, so there is no mess left behind when they are done working on it. If you choose to do it yourself, then make sure that all materials needed for the job are purchased beforehand, so there aren’t any problems later on down the road when trying different ways, which may cause additional costs associated with purchasing more materials before starting again after realizing mistakes were made earlier on due solely because nothing was bought beforehand.

Repairing the roof and repainting the exterior of your house

There are many reasons why homeowners may choose to have their homes remodeled. For one thing, it makes them more attractive and appealing from both inside and out. This can increase their value in terms of resale when you decide it’s time for another place or just needs some extra space for yourself or family members. Furthermore, remodeling a home can also improve its energy efficiency by using new materials that require less maintenance over time (such as solar panels). And finally, this may sound silly but trust me, you will feel proud knowing that others see how much effort has gone into improving something as simple as a paint color.

Painting is one of the most important things in home maintenance, as it can greatly improve the look and feel of your house. Painting can increase the value of your home and can make it look newer. If you need to paint your house, consider hiring professionals instead of doing it yourself.

Roof repair

  • Roof repair
  • Fixing leaky roofs
  • Fixing damaged roofs
  • Fixing damaged flashing
  • Fixing damaged shingles
  • Fixing damaged gutters
  • Fixing damaged skylights

Stucco work

Stucco is not a material that only covers walls but can be used on ceilings as well. It’s commonly used to cover brick, wood, and concrete. Stucco is made from Portland cement, water and sand. It has been used for centuries because it’s easy to apply and extremely durable. Stucco work must be done by a professional contractor who understands the building code requirements in your area, or city code enforcement officials could fine you or pull your permits if they see that your foundation is not up to code.

Masonry work

Masonry (or masonry construction) is a type of building construction that uses bricks, stones, or any type of cementitious material such as concrete and lime mortar. These materials are bound together with a cement-based binder to form a solid wall. The most common types of masonry found in the United States include:

  • Brick veneer
  • Concrete blocks (cinder blocks)
  • Stone veneer

Concrete work

Concrete is a mixture of cement and water. It’s used in construction, roadways, sidewalks, and parking lots. Concrete is also used for building foundations and walls.


  • Concrete
  • Asphalt
  • Brick
  • Stone
  • Cobblestone (pebble) or pebble-crete, pebble-asphalt, or pebble-brick are all options for a driveway. We can also stamp concrete with an imprint of your choice.


Pavers are small stones that are used in place of larger stones or bricks. They are typically used to create walkways and patios but can also be used as flooring. You can install pavers yourself with a little guidance from a professional or do it yourself.

Paver Patio

Step 1: Dig out the area for your new patio foundation using a shovel, then add tamped gravel over the dirt (this acts as an erosion barrier).

Step 2: Lay out your first row of pavers, making sure they fit together snugly and evenly. If you’re using wood blocks beneath them to keep them level, put them down now before filling the spaces with sand or pea gravel.

Step 3: Spread mortar onto each paver surface where they will meet other pieces (using a trowel), then push each one firmly into place as you go along until all joints are filled with backing material and no gaps remain visible on top surfaces; sweep away excess mortar from joints between tiles prior to letting dry overnight.

Retaining walls

A retaining wall is a wall that holds back soil, rock, or debris. A retaining wall can be built to hold back soil, rock, and/or debris. A retaining wall can be made of concrete, brick, or stone, depending on the application.

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