January 27, 2023, Las Vegas, NV – Burglaries are a serious problem for businesses in the valley. From August to September 2022, 17 businesses were burglarized in Las Vegas according to Las Vegas Police covered by FOX 5 Vegas. The burglaries were carried out by a group of thieves who used rocks to break into the front glass doors and steal from them.

The police have not been able to apprehend any of these thieves, and are now asking the public for help in identifying the suspects involved. The police also believe that the thieves are targeting businesses with storefront windows as it is the easiest to break into without the use of sophisticated tools. It is important for business owners to make sure that their business is secure so that it does not become a target for these thieves or anyone else who might want to break into it and steal from them. Now how can you keep your business safe from burglars and how can a commercial locksmith help?

Tips To Deter Burglars For Businesses

Burglars are always looking for an easy mark, and many businesses are just that. In fact, small businesses are the most vulnerable to burglaries and other crimes like what happened last year in Las Vegas.

We’ve put together some tips to deter burglars for businesses, so you can take steps to ensure your business is safe and secure.

Replacing Glass Windows

One thing in common that those 17 businesses in Las Vegas had been large storefront windows. And it was easily broken by a simple rock. When you opt to use a storefront window, use tempered glass or laminated windows as they are 5 times stronger and louder when breaking.

Adding Bars And High-Security Locks

Installing bars on your doors and windows. It’s a simple technique that will keep burglars out and give you peace of mind when you’re not at work. But if you still want additional protection, then ask a commercial locksmith for a high-security lock installation such as double-cylinder deadlocks, keyless entry systems, or any complex system to make it a challenge for burglars to break into.

High Security Lock Installed By Commercial Locksmith

Adding Security Devices

There are many ways that you can deter burglars from targeting your business, including installing security cameras, smart door locks, and alarms.

Smart door locks can notify you if someone tries to enter the code on the locks. Moreover, a smart door lock installed by a commercial locksmith means that it will be installed right; otherwise, it could be easily picked by a burglar. If someone does try to break into your building through one of these doors, an alarm will go off and alert police officers in the area.

Keeping The Property Well Lit

It is true that burglars prefer to work at night and when nobody can easily spot them. That is why it is important for business owners to ensure that their properties are well-lit. By keeping your property well lit such as the cash registers, opportunistic burglars will be discouraged if they see from the outside that the registers are empty. Moreover, these burglars will prefer to work when nobody can easily spot them so be sure to always keep your property well-lit.

Replacing Locks

Burglars are looking for the easiest way to get into your business. The best way to deter them is by replacing your locks every six months or a year. This also depends on your location whether it has a high crime rate or not.

Replace your deadbolts and other locks with ones that have extra security features like double-cylinder deadbolt locks, which are harder for burglars to pick or break open with a credit card.

Upgrading Sliding Door And Window Locks

Adding locks to your sliding windows and doors. The problem with this approach is that the locks that come with these glass doors and windows are highly unreliable, especially if you use them as the front door of your business. Consider replacing the traditional slider lock with a better one that is designed specifically for sliding doors and windows.

How Can A Commercial Locksmith Help?

As we’ve stated above, a commercial locksmith can install high-security locks for your doors as well as replace locks. In addition, a commercial locksmith can rekey locks if you’ve lost them, provide you with a master key system so that only you could access safes and inventory rooms, provide you duplicate keys, and help you whenever you’ve been locked out of your own business. Now, a commercial locksmith doesn’t have the expertise to replace windows or bars on windows, but they can provide quality reliable services when it comes to locks and keys.

An expert professional locksmith will inspect your property to determine what type of security system is needed. Then they’ll propose several options based on the level of protection required by your business. The professional will also give recommendations on the best brands and models of lock products that would work best for your situation.

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