Most of the new cars today come with a key fob that allows drivers to enter the vehicle without putting a key in the door lock. Some even control a car’s ignition. But what happens when that fob gets lost or damaged? You might need to go to the dealer to get one replaced and it may cost you a few hundred dollars. That is why having an automotive locksmith on your speed dial may come in handy.

Automotive locksmiths have the skills, tools, and knowledge needed to open the door of your vehicle without damaging them. That is why you must only hire a trusted auto locksmith.

Before anything else, let’s start with how do key fobs work?

Key fobs are programmed to match your individual car’s ignition and computer system. If you lose the fob, you can’t replace it with just any key. Along with getting a new fob, you’ll also need a professional to program it to work with your car.

When it comes to key fobs, you need to provide proof of ownership before getting a replacement. This is to ensure that your car is safe and secure.

If you are wondering if dealers are the only ones that can replace your key fob, well no. There are locksmiths who specialize in that area.

An automotive locksmith service can help you out in a pinch. Key on Spot Locksmith is your best choice when it comes to locksmith services in Philadelphia. They specialize in key fob replacement.

Why do you need an automotive locksmith?

Well, having a locksmith on speed dial is crucial especially in emergency cases like losing your key fob, or getting locked out of your home or office.

Locksmiths provide rapid resolution, they provide a quick way to resolve your problem when it comes to your locks and keys.

A knowledgeable and skilled locksmith had undergone rigorous training and certification making them competent and qualified to assist you. They offer 24/7 service and can get to you at the quickest possible time irrespective of the time of the day. They are insured and bonded to cover the costs of errors so that it’s not passed on to the car owner.

So if you need an automotive locksmith that is reliable, Key On Spot Locksmith is the one you need.

Give us a call and we’ll be glad to assist you!


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We are not your average locksmithing business. We care more about you than we do about our locks. Your safety and security are important to us, and maybe that is why we stand apart, as Key on Spot Locksmith. In the office and in the field, we hire locally. We strive to stay within our communities, and we strive to support our communities. When we can donate, we will. When we are needed, we will be there. We are here to serve. A residential locksmith as Key on Spot Locksmith will look at the customer from a homeowner perspective in order to better understand the customer needs. The local building codes for residential are likely to be different from commercial space code. It is the job to be familiar with building codes that are relevant to lock and keys.