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Kleen Seal is your number-one go-to driveway sealing company. Establishing an amazing reputation due to our commitment to perfection when it comes to our driveway sealing services, Kleen Seal is here to help you with all of your driveway needs. We want you to be pleased with our workmanship and service – satisfaction is guaranteed on every driveway sealing job we do!

We know that one of the biggest concerns when it comes to sealing your driveway is its cost. That’s why we offer affordable prices for all of our services. With our guaranteed satisfaction guarantee, there’s no risk involved!

What is Driveway Sealing? 

What is driveway sealing? Well, it’s a process that protects your driveway from the elements and prolongs its life. But that’s not all. Sealing your driveway is also a good way to check its overall condition, especially if it has been years since you last sealed your driveway.

We just finished a driveway sealing service for one of our clients in Fords, NJ. He was hesitant at first. After reading something on the internet that sealing is not really a necessary option, he decided to do without it. However, after we told him about how important it is to seal your driveway, he finally agreed. We further explained that depending on the location – especially in New Jersey which has harsh winters – sealing your driveway is much more important. Why? Freezing temperatures can put additional strain and stress on your driveway so ensuring a quality job is done right is important if you want to get the most from the money you spend. Now aside from prolonging the life of your driveway, what will you get out of this service?

Why You Need Driveway Sealing

Is it really worth the money to have your driveway sealed? What are the benefits, and what are the drawbacks? In this post, Kleen Seal will answer these questions and more as we explore why driveway sealing is a must-do for asphalt surfaces. If you have an asphalt driveway, parking lot, or other paved surfaces that you need to maintain, keep reading!

Makes Driveways Look New – When you drive up to a freshly-sealed driveway, it’s hard to believe that the smooth black surface is the same one where your kids play on a daily basis. Once the material is applied, you can almost feel how your asphalt will look cleaner and last longer.

Protects Against Harsh Weather – We are in New Jersey, and we know that weather is something that cannot be avoided. The harsh elements of the winter weather will take their toll on your driveway. Asphalt driveways will be exposed to snow and other elements, which either make the asphalt crack or brittle over time. This is a problem because water can sneak through these cracks and cause damage to your driveway’s foundation. By having your driveway sealed every three years, you can prevent these issues by keeping water out of the cracks.

Avoids Costly Repairs In The Future – You may have noticed cracks and potholes in your driveway. These are from exposure to the elements. If your driveway isn’t sealed properly, it will continue to get worse over time. To avoid these costly repairs, you should consider driveway sealing. Sealing your driveway prevents damage that usually costs more to deal with than it would seal the driveway in the first place.

Kleen Seal Driveway Sealing

Why Hire A Professional For Driveway Sealing?

Sealing a driveway is a complicated endeavor, and if you don’t know what you’re doing, you could end up wasting time and money—or even creating an unsafe situation. The sealant needs to be applied at just the right thickness to ensure that it will last as long as possible while giving the best results. The driveway also needs to be thoroughly cleaned before the sealant is applied, because any dirt or sand left in the cracks and crevices of the driveway can compromise the integrity of the sealer and shorten its lifespan. All of these factors are far too easy to miss when attempting it yourself.

Since you don’t want to risk running into any problems with your driveway in the future, you should hire a company that specializes in sealing driveways. A professional company will use high-quality materials and equipment and will use those tools to apply an even coat of sealant. They will also know how to clean your driveway properly before application so that no contaminants can compromise the integrity of their work.

Choose Kleen Seal For Our Driveway Sealing Services!

Choosing Kleen Seal for your sealing needs is the best decision you will make. We are an experienced, skilled, and professional driveway sealing company that guarantees satisfaction on every job we do. Contact us now for a complimentary estimate and see what we can do for you.

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