January 15, 2023, Jacksonville, FL – When you are hurt in an accident, it’s hard to know where to turn. You could choose to fight an insurance company on your own and try to get the compensation you deserve. But what if you don’t win? What if you can’t pay the medical bills that are piling up? What if there’s no way for you to recover from this injury?

That’s why we’re here, at Leon Law Firm, we want to help. We understand what it’s like to be injured in a car accident or slip and fall on someone else’s property. We know how scary it can be when the bills start rolling in and life as you know it is put on hold. But we also know that there is hope for recovery: our team of experienced personal injury attorneys has successfully represented many clients in Jacksonville, FL who suffered from injuries due to another person’s negligence. We deal with insurance companies and get our clients the compensation they deserve.

What Is Considered a Personal Injury Case?

There are a lot of misconceptions about what personal injury cases are and what they cover, and it’s important to understand the basics. First, this isn’t just any type of lawsuit—this is a legal action that can be taken when someone has been physically or emotionally injured due to negligence or an intentional act. This can include medical malpractice, slip, and fall accidents, assault, wrongful death, sexual abuse, product defects, defective pharmaceuticals, environmental contamination, car accidents, and more. If your injury was caused by another person’s carelessness/negligence, you could have grounds to file a lawsuit. Other personal injury cases include:


Once you decide that you’re going to pursue a claim for your injury, the first step will be gathering all of the evidence that shows what happened in your case. This includes medical records that show the extent of your injuries and any treatment you’ve had since the accident occurred. You’ll also want to have names and contact information for any witnesses who could corroborate your version of events or who saw what happened firsthand.

Some personal injury cases settle out of court so there will be no trial; others go all the way through litigation. Either way, hiring an experienced attorney can help make sure that your rights are protected and help you get the compensation you deserve for your medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and more.

What Is the Statute of Limitations for Personal Injury Claims in Jacksonville, FL?

In Jacksonville, Florida, the statute of limitations for personal injury claims is four years from the date of the accident.

Each state has its own laws about how long you have to file a claim, and the statute of limitations is applied to any personal injury claim arising out of an accident or injury caused by another’s negligence. This means that if you’re injured due to someone else’s carelessness, you will have four years from the date of the accident within which to file a lawsuit against them. If you do not file your suit within this time frame, you are forever barred from filing suit on that particular claim.

If you wait too long after an accident to consult a personal injury lawyer in Jacksonville, FL, you may jeopardize your chances of getting fair compensation for your injuries. Most insurance companies will try pressuring you into accepting a settlement far less than you deserve. At Leon Law Firm, we will ensure that you are entitled to the right and fair compensation.

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Can I Still Recover any Damages if it’s Partially My Fault?

That’s a question that pops up in the middle of many personal injury claims, especially when there are two insurance companies involved.

The answer is yes, you can still recover damages even if you are partially at fault. In fact, you can even recover compensation from the other party as long as their degree of fault is more significant than yours. That’s what we call comparative negligence.

For example, if you are 20% at fault and the other party is 80% at fault, you can still recover damages from the other party. The insurance company will always try to minimize the money they have to pay—that’s why it’s essential to have Leon Law Firm’s personal injury lawyers on your side. We will fight for your rights and ensure you get compensated fairly.

Should I Accept a Settlement Offer? 

The final step in a personal injury claim is to settle the case, if possible—but you should never accept a settlement offer without fully understanding the implications of your decision. For example, if you have been injured seriously and are facing a long road to recovery with medical bills that are piling up and making it impossible to make ends meet, accepting a settlement offer might not be in your best interests.

However, even non-serious injuries can have lasting effects on your ability to provide for yourself, or they can have extreme pain that lasts long after you would expect. If this is the case, you may want to consult with an experienced Jacksonville personal injury lawyer before making any decisions about settling your claim. Depending on the specifics of your case, you may be better off waiting for the insurance company’s last offer instead of accepting their first one—or even turning down their initial offer altogether.

As with all legal advice, what is best for one person might not be best for another, so it’s important to weigh all of your options carefully before making any decisions about how to proceed. Our Jacksonville personal injury lawyer can help you understand all of the factors involved in your case so you can make an informed decision about whether or not to settle. 

We’re Here To Fight for Your Rights!

If you or someone you know is faced with a personal injury, remember that Leon Law Firm can provide the expertise and legal representation you need. With our experienced team of Jacksonville personal injury lawyers, we understand the difficulties and hardships posed by being injured due to someone else’s carelessness. Our commitment to your peace of mind will ensure that your rights are protected and that you get the compensation you deserve for damages and losses related to your injury. 

In addition to fighting for what is just, if found negligent, we will strive for standing repairs and adjustments so no other family has to experience a similar tragedy. No matter the obstacle, Leon Law Firm promises relentless dedication to pursuing justice on your behalf. We’re here to fight for YOUR rights, contact us today for a free consultation and to discuss your case in detail.

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