Moore Construction has been serving Carrollton for over 20 years, providing quality roof repair and replacement services for residential and commercial clients. We offer a variety of materials for your rooftop including shingles, tile, metal, and more. We can also provide patio covers and house siding to give your property a clean new look that will keep you happy for years to come. So if you’re looking for reliable roof repair or other home improvement services, contact Moore Construction today!

Patio Covers

There are many reasons to install a patio cover. Some have to do with privacy, some for comfort and others for visual appeal. But adding a patio cover has more benefits than you think.
Here are some of the biggest advantages of a covered patio:
Shade – How much shade a patio cover casts will actually depend on the design and material that you choose. If you want a solid patio roofing, this will provide the most shade. As for a gazebo or pergola, this may cast a partial shade. A translucent patio roof keeps the patio bright and can filter out some sunlight and UV rays.
Heat Reduction – an insulated patio cover can prevent heat from penetrating and thus can help to keep the place cooler.
Shelter from rain – Get fresh air even on the less ideal days. You can continue with your party even when it rains if your patio is covered. You can enjoy a cool breeze and a lullaby of the rain. Enjoy nature while being dry.
Family gathering spot – your patio can be an extension of your kitchen. An outdoor area where everybody can enjoy treats.


Why do you need siding installation? Well, having a siding protects the exterior walls of a home or residential building. Its number one role is to protect your home from the elements. Another function of a siding is to give your house a curb appeal. A properly installed siding can prevent water and snow from entering your home. It keeps your home insulated. In line with that, if your home is properly insulated because of your siding, your energy bill will decrease simply because your heating and cooling system won’t work that hard.

If you think that installing a siding is expensive, think again! If you want a siding installation, vinyl siding is an option you want to look at. It’s inexpensive, easy to obtain, quick to install and simple to maintain.

If you are considering your siding options for a new home or for remodeling, don’t overlook the many advantages of choosing a vinyl siding.

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