January 10, 2023, Bakersfield, CAArc Energy Co. is proud to announce the launch of our Solar Panel Cleaning Service in addition to our solar panel installation services. We have decided that to better serve our Bakersfield community and keep you at the forefront of modern energy generation, we will offer affordable but effective solar panel cleaning for every home or business where we’ve installed a solar panel system.

Solar panel cleaning is a must-have service, keeping your energy generation efficiency at peak performance. From one-time cleaning to monthly solar panel cleaning, Arc Energy Co. is here to keep your solar panels free from dust and grime.

We are dedicated to revolutionizing modern solar energy and we will not let a simple dust or dirt build-up affect your experience with renewable energy.

Why Do You Need To Clean Your Solar Panels?

Your solar panels require sunlight and that is well-known for everyone who owns a solar panel system. Day after day it accumulates sunlight converting it into clean, renewable energy for your home to use. It basically means more sunlight and more electricity. 

However, for your panels to maximize sunlight accumulation, it needs to be free from dust, snow, or any other debris that covers it. One research study conducted by the University of Malaga in May 2011 found that prolonged periods of dust buildup in solar panels cause 20% daily energy losses. This means that without proper solar panel cleaning and relying on rain to clean your panels, you are losing renewable energy and you’re further relying on grid electricity.  You may think that a solar panel cleaning service is not worth it, but we’ll provide you with a list of advantages of why this service is essential:

Improving Energy Efficiency – As we’ve stated above, solar panel cleaning is a must to improve your energy efficiency. That’s why it’s important to keep your solar panels clean. 20% in energy loss is not a small loss, regular cleaning can make a huge difference over time!

Keeps Your Solar Panels Durable – The negative effects of dust, debris, and other particles can be felt on your solar panels’ energy efficiency and the structure of your panels themselves. As these things build up over time, the energy efficiency of your solar panel system will decrease while your panels’ structure may fail sooner than expected. It is important to take action before this happens by hiring a solar panel cleaning service that can keep your system durable.

Boosts Curb Appeal – Solar panel cleaning is an essential part of the solar panel system. Aside from energy losses, you want your solar panel system to look its best. Nobody wants a dirty dust-covered panel on their rooftop. That’s why hiring a solar panel cleaning service is essential, this maintenance keeps your home looking great and every part spotless. It will also save you money in the long run as opposed to having your panels cleaned by rickety do-it-yourself methods or trying to ignore them altogether. You will be able to achieve better overall performance from your panels if they are clean and free of debris that can reduce the efficiency of your system.

Solar Panel Cleaning Services

Can I Clean Solar Panels By Myself?

Yes, you absolutely can! But, here are a few things to keep in mind. Solar panel cleaning is not an easy task. First, you must know that there are specialized tools used by professionals such as poles, brushes, industrial-grade solvents, water tanks, and more to clean your panels. This ensures that it will not be damaged when a solar panel cleaning service is done. While you can use a handy sponge to clean the surface of the panels, using a pressure washer is not recommended. Keep in mind that you wouldn’t want to leave scratches on them so the warranties will not be voided. 


Another tip is to not clean your panels in the middle of the day as you can get burned by your rooftop. It’s best to clean them at the night or around sunset. And lastly, be sure to have proper safety equipment such as ladders and harnesses so you wouldn’t risk yourself by falling. However, if you do not want to do this task by yourself, Arc Energy Co. is always available.

How Often Should Solar Panel Cleaning Be Done?

Solar panel cleaning is recommended every 6 months per year to improve the energy efficiency and effectiveness of the system. However, based on where you are situated, such as Bakersfield’s air pollution due to agricultural land and activity (Crop burning, wind-blown dust, farmland machinery, and more) you may need that cleaning service more frequently.

Choose Arc Energy Co. For Our Solar Panel Cleaning Services!

Investing in solar energy is a major decision, yet establishing the proper cleaning schedule for your panels can be just as difficult. That’s why it is important to choose the right solar panel cleaning company for the job and leave it to the professionals. Arc Energy Co. understands that and wants to make sure all of our customers from Bakersfield have access to clean and efficient solar panels at an affordable rate. Don’t forget, if you consider joining us at Arc Energy Co., call us and learn how we can set up your home with our top-notch solar cleaning service here in Bakersfield. So what are you waiting for? Choose Arc Energy Co. for all of your Bakersfield Solar Panel Cleaning needs today!

Arc Energy Co.

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