January 24, 2023, Brighton, MI – You know the feeling. You’re getting ready to go out, and you’re going to use the bathroom. You sit down, and it’s like hitting a brick wall—you just can’t go. Every time you try, your toilet clogs, and you have to call a plumber or live with the mess until someone comes over.


We know how frustrating it is when your toilet keeps clogging. That’s why we offer our expert clogged toilet repair services in Brighton, MI. We can help you get rid of that mess once and for all so that you never have to worry about it happening again!


Dion’s Complete Plumbing, Heating, & Cooling is here to help with all your clogged toilets, making sure it’s in great working order. We are a family-owned business that has been in the plumbing, heating, and cooling industry for 42 years now. We’ve always provided our customers in Brighton with the best of the best when it comes to plumbing services!

Why Does My Toilet Keeps Clogging?

When your toilet keeps clogging, there are many factors that cause this problem. Nobody likes a clogged toilet, especially if you’re late for work! There are common problems and more complex ones that you really need help with from a clogged toilet plumber. Here are some of them:


Flushing Disposable Items – While these disposable items i.e wet wipes, female hygiene products, wipes, and tissues are disposable, it doesn’t mean that you should flush them down the toilet. Toilet papers, ones that dissolve quickly, and human waste are the two things that are flushable.


Toilet Papers – While we’ve stated above that toilet paper is one of the two things that should be flushed down the toilet, it doesn’t mean that you can use a whole roll and flush it down after.  You should never flush more than one or two squares at a time, especially if you are using thick and heavy 4-ply toilet paper. It takes a lot longer for the water to dissolve and in some cases, it will never dissolve. This leaves a huge mess in your pipes and can cause clogs that take a professional plumber to fix.


Toilet Trap – The toilet is one of the most common sources of clogs, and many of these clogs are caused by items that people flush. The trap, which is at the bend in the drain line between the toilet bowl and the pipe leading to your sewer, catches items that people flush so they can’t get down to your sewer line. If a significant mass gets lodged in the trap, then you’ll have a clog.


Sewer Lines – As we’ve already discussed, toilets can become clogged by too much toilet paper, hair, and other objects. However, this isn’t the only cause of a clogged toilet. Sometimes the problem can come from the sewer lines themselves. Clogs in the sewer lines are sometimes caused by what we’ve stated above and sometimes due to outside sources such as tree root penetration, sewer line breaks, and sewer line infiltrations. Now, it’s best to contact a plumber for this problem as ignoring this means your toilet keeps clogging and you’ll have a bigger problem down the line.


Pipes – Pipes that don’t get cleaned for a long period of time can become clogged with grease, calcium, and household cleaning chemicals. This buildup will restrict the flow of water in your pipes, which leads to more clogs. Especially if you’re living in an old house which will keep your toilet from clogging. That’s when you call a professional plumber.

Should I Have It Repaired Or Replaced?

If you’ve ever had a plumbing problem, you know how expensive and frustrating it can be to get it fixed. So if your toilet keeps clogging, you may be thinking, “If I just have it repaired, the problem will go away.” But keep in mind, there are some situations where replacing your toilet is better than having it repaired every year. Here are some of those situations where replacement is better than repair:


  • Your Toilet Is Old – While toilets last around, on average, 10-15 years, if you have an older unit that has seen its fair share of use, you definitely need a new one. Especially if you need multiple replacement components to have it back in working order.
  • There is a crack in the bowl or tank – When you see that there are cracks in the bowl or tank, it’s a sign that you’ll need replacement. The reason why are, one crack will grow over time causing significant water damage to your property, and two, porcelain can’t be easily fixed. 
  • Recurring Clogs – Older toilet models will usually have more clogs than advanced and efficient ones. It can either be a design flaw, the toilet is outdated, or the toilet is too old causing recurring clogs.
  • Water Bills Increasing – If you’re experiencing water bills that further increase year by year due to your leaking or an outdated toilet that requires multiple flushes, then it’s time to have a new one.


If you’re looking to add a new toilet to your home, the staff at DION’S COMPLETE Plumbing, Heating & Cooling are happy to help you find the perfect fitting for your specific needs. Whether you’ve got something in mind already or simply want us to walk you through the process, we can make sure that your new toilet is installed correctly and works as well as it possibly can straight away.

Toilet Keeps Clogging? We’ll be there to fix it for you!


Don’t let a clogged toilet ruin your day. DION’S COMPLETE Plumbing, Heating & Cooling is here for you! Our skilled plumbers have experience dealing with these issues and can rapidly assess and resolve the problem so that your toilet is once again working properly. We are the local professionals in town who know just how to help repair or even replace your toilet when needed. Forget about any costly fixes – we have everything under control! Don’t wait till it’s too late; contact us today and take advantage of our professional services. Let us handle whatever plumbing problems come your way! Toilet Keeps Clogging? We’ll be there to fix it for you!


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